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Brexit: Timetable and next steps Brexit, Read more Project Hope:
A policy agenda for Britain in the EU
Brexit, Read more
Senior Appointments to EU Institutions in 2019 How the EU works, Read more Brexit: Where next for Britain and for Europe? Brexit, Read more Brexit: Policy options for the UK Brexit, Read more Free movement of persons within the EU:
An update
How the EU works, Read more
Arguments for and against a referendum on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations Brexit, Read more Parliamentary approval of a
Brexit deal with the EU
Brexit, Read more
The Dismantling of the
Rules-based Global Order
Security, Read more
What does a “no deal” Brexit mean? Brexit, Read more The “Chequers” Proposal:
The Brexit White Paper of July 2018
Brexit, Read more
Free Movement of Persons:
What the EU Rules Permit Now
Brexit, How the EU works, Read more
Timetable for the Brexit Negotiations Brexit, Read more Brexit: UK Border Management Issues Brexit, Read more Reform of the Posting of Workers Directive Employment & Welfare, Read more Brexit: The Irish Dimension Brexit, Read more Brexit: Legislation in the UK Brexit, Read more Fisheries: The Transition Agreement and Future Arrangements Brexit, Prosperity, Read more Brexit: The Transition Agreement Brexit, Read more The Role of the Court of Justice of the European Union How the EU works, Read more British Agricultural Policy after Brexit Brexit, Prosperity, Read more The Future of Global Trade Prosperity, Read more The Brexit Negotiations:
Steady as she goes or heading for the rocks?
Brexit, Read more