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Brexit: The negotiating positions of the UK and the EU Brexit, Read more The UK-EU Negotiations: Fishing Brexit, Read more Britain and the EU: What next? Brexit, Read more The 2019 Party Election Manifestos and the European Union Brexit, Read more The costs and implications of a no deal Brexit Brexit, Read more Brexit:
What is the scope for re-opening the negotiations with the EU?
Brexit, Read more
Project Hope:
A policy agenda for Britain in the EU
Brexit, Read more
Brexit: Where next for Britain and for Europe? Brexit, Read more Brexit: Policy options for the UK Brexit, Read more The Dismantling of the
Rules-based Global Order
Security, Read more
What does a “no deal” Brexit mean? Brexit, Read more Free Movement of Persons:
What the EU Rules Permit Now
Brexit, How the EU works, Read more
Brexit: UK Border Management Issues Brexit, Read more Reform of the Posting of Workers Directive Employment & Welfare, Read more Brexit: The Irish Dimension Brexit, Read more The Role of the Court of Justice of the European Union How the EU works, Read more The Brexit Negotiations:
Steady as she goes or heading for the rocks?
Brexit, Read more
UK Trade Policy after Brexit Brexit, Prosperity, Read more Brexit:
Implications for Universities & Research
Brexit, Prosperity, Read more
Brexit and EU Regulatory Agencies Brexit, Read more Dispute settlement after Brexit Brexit, Read more Leaving the EU without agreement:
possible consequences
Brexit, Read more
Brexit: Citizens’ Rights in the UK & the EU Brexit, Read more The Practical Operation of UK Trade & Investment Policy post-Brexit Brexit, Prosperity, Read more The UK and the EU Customs Union:
Issues & Questions
Brexit, How the EU works, Prosperity, Read more
Brexit: Issues and Questions Brexit, Read more Brexit & Free Movement of People: The Issues Brexit, Read more Brexit and the Devolved Administrations Brexit, Read more EU Regulation:
The Good and the Not so Good
How the EU works, Prosperity, Read more
How robust are the economic benefits claimed for Brexit? Brexit, Prosperity, Read more The UK’s Contribution to the EU Budget:
A Brief Guide
How the EU works, Read more
The EU’s Role in European Security Security, Read more Euro ins and Euro outs:
The UK Renegotiation Agreement
How the EU works, Read more
Future UK Trade Patterns: Fantasy & Reality Prosperity, Read more Ring of Fire: Instability & Insecurity in the EU’s Neighbourhood Security, Read more EU Regulation How the EU works, Read more The EU’s External Trade & Investment Policy Prosperity, Read more Democratic Accountability in the EU How the EU works, Read more The Digital Single Market Prosperity, Read more Capital Markets Union Prosperity, Read more EU Energy Union: What can we expect? Prosperity, Read more Britain & the EU: What the Balance of Competences Review Found Brexit, Read more The UK and the EU:
Are there Alternatives to EU Membership?
Brexit, Read more
Establishing a Digital Single Market in Europe Prosperity, Read more The New European Parliament & European Council Appointments, 2014 How the EU works, Read more The Liberalisation of Europe’s Railways Prosperity, Read more A Possible EU Financial Transactions Tax Prosperity, Read more Competitiveness in the European Union Prosperity, Read more The European Commission How the EU works, Read more Banking Union:
Proposals for Banking Regulation
Prosperity, Read more
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