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The 2019 Party Election Manifestos and the European Union Brexit, Read more The world economy in 2020:
Heading for a crash?
Prosperity, Read more
What is the scope for re-opening the negotiations with the EU?
Brexit, Read more
Project Hope:
A policy agenda for Britain in the EU
Brexit, Read more
Brexit: Policy options for the UK Brexit, Read more Brexit: UK Border Management Issues Brexit, Read more Brexit: Legislation in the UK Brexit, Read more Brexit: The Transition Agreement Brexit, Read more British Agricultural Policy after Brexit Brexit, Prosperity, Read more The Future of Global Trade Prosperity, Read more The Brexit Negotiations:
Steady as she goes or heading for the rocks?
Brexit, Read more
UK Trade Policy after Brexit Brexit, Prosperity, Read more Europe after the Shocks How the EU works, Read more Dispute settlement after Brexit Brexit, Read more The UK and the EU Customs Union:
Issues & Questions
Brexit, How the EU works, Prosperity, Read more
Brexit: Issues and Questions Brexit, Read more Brexit:
The Implications for Agriculture & Food
Brexit, Prosperity, Read more
How robust are the economic benefits claimed for Brexit? Brexit, Prosperity, Read more Future UK Trade Patterns: Fantasy & Reality Prosperity, Read more The EU’s External Trade & Investment Policy Prosperity, Read more The Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership: An Update Prosperity, Read more The UK and the EU:
Are there Alternatives to EU Membership?
Brexit, Read more
The EU-US Trade Talks: A Transatlantic Partnership in the Making? Prosperity, Read more The EU & Africa Security, Read more
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